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Our Terms & Conditions








Terms & Conditions




1.No booking or enquiry will be held until a deposit and confirmation has been received.

2.All written quotes are valid for 7 calendar days.

3.All finalised prices are inclusive. Gratuities are at your discretion.

4.Dependent on the size of your event and or the distance we have to travel, A delivery charge may be applied to your quote.

5.Any extra charges we may need to apply to your event will be clearly detailed within your initial quotation.


Payment for private clients


As many costs are incurred on your behalf prior to the event date, MapleTree Catering have the following payment terms.


1.A deposit of 25% of the final total is required to book and hold the date for your event. This amount is deducted from the final invoice.

2.The final balance is required upon receipt of the final invoice 3 weeks prior to the event.

3.Details on how to make payments are sent with all invoices.

4.MapleTree Catering reserve the right to charge interest and or an administration fee on all late payments.



Payment for corporate clients


1. For new customers payment beforehand or cash on delivery is required for the first order.

2  Going forward we are happy to invoice you at the end of the month or when your balance gets to £500.00 (whichever is first).

3. Payment is due within 7 days of the invoice being issued – unless prior arrangements have been made.

4. For non-payment after 14 days, interest will be added at the rate of 8% above     base rate per day until the invoice is paid

5  If after this period the invoice is still unpaid a compensation charge of £40.00 will be added and the invoice will be passed over to an independent collection team to collect the debt on our behalf, additional costs will be incurred.




1.If you cancel your event you will lose your booking deposit

2.Once a booking deposit has been received it is assumed that all the details contained within the quotation, booking form or letter of confirmation are correct and as required. After this time any changes that MapleTree Catering perceive as dramatically changing the initial event will be charged for.

3. If MapleTree Catering feel that any changes requested no longer reflect the initial quotation or no longer make the event viable for any reason, they reserve the right to withdraw their initial quotation and services. Our standard cancellation terms still apply and any costs incurred by MapleTree Catering will be charged for or deducted from any monies returned to the client.











1.Final numbers of guests must be confirmed no later than 21 calendar days before the event. After this time up to 48 hours before an increase of up to 10 can normally be accommodated, but no allowance can be made if numbers drop.

2.If the number of guests attending is less than the number booked, we will still charge for the initial total booked.




1.MapleTree Catering confirms that they have and will maintain sufficient public liability insurance for events relating to the nature of the booking. A copy of the certificate or scanned pdf image is available upon request.

2.MapleTree Catering follow strict HACCP guidelines for all food production, handling, storage and distribution. Our policy based on these guidelines restricts the service of cold foodstuffs to a maximum of four hours after being removed from a refrigerator or climate controlled environment. Therefore it is expected that the venue the food is to be delivered and served from has sufficient refrigeration space to accommodate the amount of food supplied. If this is not the case then it becomes the clients responsibility to ensure that adequate refrigeration is available. All refrigeration equipment must been in good working order and at the required temp of between 1 and 5 centigrade prior to food being placed in them.

3.MapleTree Catering advise that all cold food must be consumed or returned to a refrigerator until sufficiently chilled after a maximum of four hours serving time, therefore any food consumed after the initial four hours and not chilled becomes the clients responsibility.

4.Any hot BBQ food served and left with the client must be consumed within two hours then either discarded or covered and  placed in a refrigerator. If food is to be left by MapleTree Catering suitable serving platters must be supplied by the client. If MapleTree Catering consider it to be impractical to leave the food at the venue they reserve the right to discard it. The client will be informed of the storage instructions of foods left prior to MapleTree Catering’s departure.

5.MapleTree Catering except no liability where food other than that supplied by MapleTree Catering is served. This includes food supplied by the client, Supermarkets, deli’s, bakeries and other catering companies. If food from another source is to be served it is the clients responsibility  to ensure that it is prepared, delivered, stored and served correctly. MapleTree Catering will not serve, garnish or store any foodstuffs other than their own.

6.Due to Environmental Health recommendations we are unable to bring back any waste food, dirty crockery, cutlery or glassware in our vehicles due to cross contamination risks.

7.Force Majeure. No liability will be accepted by MapleTree Catering for the failure to perform our obligations due to strike, lock out, riot, flooding, fire hostilities or any other cirumstances beyond our control .









1.MapleTree Catering will require reasonable access to the area of the event in order to deliver or collect our food and equipment. This will include the use of lifts to upper and lower floors, and the use of loading bays and vehicular access. A nominated person must be available to advise where the food is to be left, and they take full responsibility for ensuring the food is as ordered. Sufficient table or storage space must be supplied by the client to accommodate the amount of food ordered, if the food is not to be consumed immediately sufficient refrigeration should also be supplied.

2.If the event is a BBQ MapleTree Catering will require sufficient space to set up their cooking and serving equipment this is typically between 3m x 3m and 6m x 6m but can increase in the case of large events. We are unable to cook and serve on or near any combustible material, decking, woodchips, panel fences, sheds etc. We also require constant access to our vehicles and require that they are parked close by to the serving area. Due to the nature of the sun and wind we may need to choose a suitable spot to set up on the day of the event. MapleTree Catering supply gazebos for the food to be cooked and served from, it remains the clients responsibility to provide additional adequate shelter for their guests.





1.Any equipment lost or damaged by the client or their guests will be charged at the full replacement costs.

2.It is the clients responsibility to ensure the venue has all of the correct liability and other legal cover required for the type of event being hosted.

3.Access to the venue must be available at the time discussed with the client and MapleTree Catering.

4.Tables for the food supplied by MapleTree Catering must be in place prior to the food being delivered.




1.MapleTree Catering will provide meals for its staff at no additional cost to the client.

2.Meals for entertainers, photographers, child minders etc must be pre-ordered and will be charged for. MapleTree Catering except no responsibility for any non catering staff who require food when it has not been booked.

3.Any MapleTree staff required to work beyond the hours agreed and quoted for will be charged at the relevant rate.