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Make sure your venue allows outside caterer's

this is always better to do before you even start planning the food some venues want you to use their preferred or in house caterers for all your food requirements.


Have you got enough food?

There really is a fine line between too much and to little food.

Everyone is different in how much food they can eat here are some factors that can influence the amount people eat.

  • Age very young and older people tend not to eat as much food in one sitting. As say a room full of 18 year olds.

  • Distance people who have travelled a long way to get to the function may well not have had a chance to stop for something to eat and may be more hungry than your guests from just around the corner.

  • Time of day if its a light lunch then people aren't generally expecting a banquet, but if it's an evening event people may well have been "saving themselves" for the evening food.

  • The Weather this may sound bizarre but we have noticed it hundreds of times, if it's hot and sunny people don't eat as much as when its cold and rainy.


Visualise your Plate.


One piece of advice we always give is to visualise a plate, and picture how many pieces of food each person will get according to the food you have chosen.

And try and gauge the size of the pieces for instance a sausage roll, sandwich, chicken fillet and piece of quiche is four pieces and they are all larger items.

But a plate with a cocktail sausage, BBQ pork bite, popcorn chicken and pizza bite has four pieces as well but they are smaller.


Children eat less


Small children eat less than the adults so we recommend instead of paying for a buffet for them, use a few platters instead you will get more pieces for a little less money.




Our food is only allowed to be served for 4 hours before it has to be discarded or put back in the fridge, if it is returned to the fridge the core temprature of the food has to reach below 5c before it can be served again.

If your function is going on for a long time in the heat then it maybe a good idea to store some items in the fridge ready to replace the items that are getting near to their four hour limit, that way you have a steady stream of freshly chilled foods.







FAQ & Tips




Do we need to add VAT to your Prices?


No there is no VAT to add to our prices.


How is our food delivered?


All our food is delivered wrapped and garnished on recyclable buffet trays, all you need to do is un-wrap and serve.


Do I need plates and napkins?


Our finger buffets include disposable napkins and plates,

Our fork buffets include disposable plates, napkins and knives and forks as well as serving utensils for the buffet items.

Our salads come with serving utensils and our meats and whole pies with tongs.

Our platters arent supplied with diposable plates or napkins but these can be added for 10p (15p to include cutlery) per set.


How long can I leave the food out for?


All food can be left uncovered and un- refrigerated for 4 hours maximum, after which time it must be returned to the fridge to cool or dicarded.


How much food will I need?


The Rule of thumb is the following;


5-6 pieces per head will suit only a morning or afternoon tea,

8 -10 pieces per head will suit a light meal/ working lunch through the day

10-12 pieces per head will suit a light meal through the night

12-14 pieces per head is able to replace a meal - dinner or lunch.

15-18 pieces per head is able to replace a meal - dinner or lunch - large eaters


Can you cater for people with allergies?


Yes we can offer advice and alternatives for people with allergies, but please be aware that our kitchens do handle, nuts, gluten, dairy, celery and soya on a regular basis.


All of our staff have been trained by the food standards agency to comply with the new 2015 food allergy rules and regulations.


Where does your food come from?


All of our food comes from small independent food suppliers, we always insist on the highest quality and are constantly monitoring our suppliers to ensure our high standards are adhered to.

And because we use small suppliers who share our passion for food our products are far superior to any mass produced items you may find eleswhere.


How far in advance is the food made?


Every function we cater for is freshly prepared on the day you require it, all of our sandwich fillings are made fresh for each order, and all buffet items are prepared on that day. We don't batch cook and store overnight we believe fresh is best.


I'm planning a BBQ what happens if it rains?


We still cook and serve even in the rain, we have gazebos for us to cook and serve from, and can keep everything dry.

If you really are worried about the weather and don't want to chance it, we may be able to provide a Buffet or platters instead depending on how much notice we are



What experience do you have?


Adrian, the Director and Executive Chef of MapleTree Catering is a classically-trained chef with over thirty years experience in the catering profession.


Past employers have included: The Hilton Group, Gary Rhodes, De Vere Hotels, Horsted Place Country House, and many others.

He has also hosted many cooking demonstrations including two at the Taste Of Bedfordshire Show.


We are registered and routinely inspected by enviromental health, we carry full liability insurance.


We have catered for many corporate clients  including

The NHS, Tesco's, iCandy, Woodfines Solicitors, Makita Power Tools, Furniture Village, Talk Talk , The BBC, Morgan Sindall, and many hundreds of private clients.






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