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Cakes & Desserts



Our range of cakes and desserts are divided into three collections,


The Sweet Trolley Collection,


A selection of popular cakes, cheesecakes and gateaux.  

ideal for adding that little extra to any event.


And for that extra special occasion


The Patisserie Collection


A fine selection of handmade desserts and cakes from an independent patisserie in Devon these cakes make a special occasion truly special, with their fresh, decident ingredients and fine finishing touches these really do make an impression. 


All our whole cakes are delivered ready boxed with a cake board included. Ready to serve.


The Platter Collection


Smaller bite sized cakes served on platters ideal for meetings or informal parties, they are ideal for childrens parties or for adding a little variety to your own desserts.


Chantilly Dark Chocolate Truffle Torte

Chocolate Truffle Torte From Our Patisserie Collection


The Sweet Trolley Collection

Dairy Cream Gateaux


Black Forest




Coffee & Mandarin


Double Chocolate


Orange & Lemon




Sticky Toffee


All Gateaux are delivered whole and will easily cut  

into 14 portions.


£12.50 each











Fruits of the Forest


All our cheesecakes are

delivered whole, and will easily cut

Into 16 Portions


£12.50 each

Milk Chocolate Profiteroles


light choux pastry,

filled with vanilla cream and served smothered with

chocolate sauce..


(serves 8-12)



Chocolate Fudge Cake


Rich chocolate cake

smothered in

rich smooth

fudge icing.



pre cut into 16 ptns



Lemon Meringue Pie


Tangy zesty lemon

topped with

fluffy meringue

pre cut into 12



The Patisserie Collection

Traditional Whole Cakes


Made to traditional recipes

using the finest butter, sugar and free range eggs.


These cakes are pre portioned

into 14.

So there's no fighting over the biggest slice...


Butterscotch Cake


Victoria Sandwich


Chocolate Cake


Lemon Drizzle Cake


Coffee And Walnut Cake


Victorian Style Fruit Cake


Carrot Cake


£18.00 each

Luxury Gateaux


Chocolate truffle torte


Chocolate truffle mousse with a   chocolate roulade and fine mirror          finish

14 portions approx










Traditional Loaf Cakes


Traditional recipes

and the finest ingredients

make these loaf cakes

ideal for afternoon tea.


Cherry & Almond


Lemon Drizzle


Sticky Ginger


pre-portioned into 19


£16.00 each



The Platter Collection

Mini Eclair Platter


36 Bite sized chocolate eclairs

filled with vanilla cream

and topped with

real belgian chocolate

36 pieces



Mini Doughnut Platter


18 Mini chocolate and

18 sugar coated

ring doughnuts,

just right for

a little treat.


36 pieces



Mini Eclair

and Doughnut Platter


20 Mini chocolate and

20 sugar coated

ring doughnuts

and 24 mini chocolate



64 pieces



Mini Doughnut

and Fresh Fruit Platter


10 x Sugared mini doughnuts

10x Chocolate topped

mini doughnuts

20x Seasonal fruit wedges


40 pieces





Afternoon Tea

Cake Selection Platter


40 cakes with a mix

of dairy cream

& traditional varieties.


5x Chocolate Eclairs

5x Finger Doughnuts

5x Fruit Scones

5x Black Forest Muffin

5x Carrot Cake

5x Chocolate Brownie

5x Custard Slices

5x Cream Slices


40 pieces



Jumbo Jam & Cream

Scone Platter


Traditional English

afternoon treat

15 Scones filled

with strawberry jam

and whipped

dairy cream.


15 pieces



Fresh Fruit Platter


32 Wedges of

seasonal fruit

with grapes


32 pieces





Classic Tart Au Citron


Classic lemon tart, lemon juice and zest

eggs, cream and sugar

simply baked and glazed

16 portions approx



Fresh Fruit Pieces  Platter


Bite Sized Pieces Of

Seasonal Fruits

with Grapes


Serves Approx 10-12




Mini Cream Cake Selection


24 Mini  Dairy  Cream

Black Forest Chocolate Rolls


24 Mini Vanilla Fresh Dairy Rolls


24 Mini Chocolate Eclairs


72 Pieces




Cupcake Selection


20 Delicious Cupcakes

in 4 popular flavours.


5 Lemon Cupcakes


5 Stawberry Cupcakes


5 Chocolate Cupcakes


5 Caramel Cupcakes


20 Cupcakes

(100g each)



If you need a little help planning your platters, you can find some example menus and a guide to how many pieces to allow on our FAQ & Tips Page

You can see pictures of our cakes and desserts in the gallery

You can see pictures of our cakes and desserts in the gallery

Examples of some event menu's using platters can be found on FAQ page