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We bring everything we need to cook and serve your BBQ.

We are totally self contained and can cook almost anywhere.


We supply our own gazebos to cook and serve under and supply all required equipment including serving utensils, staff, disposable cutlery, plates, all relishes, sauces, burger cheese as well as veggie burgers and sausages.


Other vegetarian options can be added to our BBQ's please see the extras at the bottom of the page for more details.


Our BBQ, catering menu's are listed below as a guide you are more than welcome to swap and change items, and even add some extras from the extras list to create a truly bespoke BBQ, package for your event. Our catering team will be happy to advise you on any aspect of your BBQ, menu's.


All of our BBQ Menus are based on a minimum number of 100 guests.






American seasoned

burger served in a bap


Large Pork Sausage





Corn Cobettes



Garden Salad


£10.65 per head

Our BBQ Selection



American Seasoned

Burger In Bap


Large Pork Sausage


Chicken breast

with a choice of one of

the following sauces:


BBQ, Garlic & Herb,

Sweet & sour, Mild Curry.





Garden salad


£11.60 per head

BBQ Three


American Seasoned

Burger in a Bap


Large Pork Sausage


BBQ Glazed Boneless

Pork Ribsteak


Hot Buttered

New Potatoes




Pasta and Pesto Salad



Garden Salad


£12.00 per head

BBQ Four


American seasoned

 burger in a bap


Large Pork Sausage


Gammon Plate Steaks

with pineapple


buttered corn cobettes


Mixed Garden Salad


Potato Salad




£12.60 per head


BBQ Five


Cumberland Sausages

Served with Onion Gravy


Chicken Breast

with Red Wine

& Mushroom Sauce


Jacket Potatoes

with Butter


Chunky Roasted Vegetables

with Sage and

Thyme Dressing


Mixed Garden Salad


Bread Rolls and Butter


£14.45 per head




Pork Loin Steaks

with Whole Grain

Mustard Sauce


Chicken Breast Kebab

glazed with sweet chilli



New Potatoes



Corn Cobettes


Tomato and Onion Salad

with Balsamic



Bread Rolls & Butter


£14.95 per head


BBQ Extras.


Buttered corn cobettes 50p each


Jacket potatoes with butter £1.00


Fried onions 25p


Chunky roast vegetables with a rosemary&

balsamic vinegar glaze.

(10 portions minimum)

£10.00 per ten portions.


Coleslaw 2kg £8.00

(approx 25 portions)


Potato salad 2kg £8.00

(approx 20 ptns)


Cous cous cous salad

1kg £8.00

(approx 25-30 ptns)


Pesto pasta salad

2kg £8.00

(approx 25 ptns)


Garden Salad Platter

(approx 20 ptns.) £8.00